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No Chadar trek after three years!

This is indeed going to be a very dad news for all those who have witnessed the beauty of the Chadar trek, and also for those who have been planning this for quite some time. 

After being popular for so many years, the Chadar trek is now dying a slow death. This is partially because of global warming, and partially because of ignorant human beings, who are treading ahead without any care for the frozen river. According to a blog, Wander The Himalayas, Chadar has become an unpredictable, weather-dependant trek.

The famous Chadar trek was anciently a route taken by the natives of the Zanskar Valley. During winters, the mountains were completely covered with thick layers of snow and around the mountain tracks, walls of snow would block the route that led out of the valley. So, to stay connected to the world outside, the villagers decided to walk the frozen Zanskar River to get their supplies, and this resulted in the birth of the legendary Zanskar or the Chadar Trek in the winters.

But it’s not just nature that is playing havoc here. Humans are equally at fault. Leaving behind waste material and plastic bags here and there has also started to take a toll on this breathless beauty.

Please make an effort to make sure that you do not damage the ecology of a place by your presence. Help local agencies promote eco-tourism, in which a more environment-friendly approach to travelling is pursued. We should make way for the generations to come, so they can see all the reasons that kept us wandering. 

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