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No excuse! Just kiss me! Ok?

By: Mithu Ghoshal

It was a moon lighted night. – A beautiful lady is walking in a path along with her dream lover. Suddenly she said ‘Wo, I am so tired. What to do now?’ Her lover said – ‘Come on darling! Nothing to worry about. I am here – main hun na!’ He picked up his lady love in his arms and touched her warm, pink, soft lips with his thirsty lips. – Wo no, That lady opened her eyes. She was dreaming actually at that very moment. Then she left the bed and took the mobile in her hand. She dialled the number of that person whom she was dreaming about. She begged for a kiss only. He said ‘I am coming soon my sweetheart – physically, be ready for the flood of kisses.’


My dear reader, we should not disturb this kiss seeker lady now. She is being prepared for a most wanted as well as heavenly experience. In the mean while let me tell you some of the interesting facts of kissing, which you really need to know for a wonderful and sensational kissing session with your kissing partner.


First of all, I am telling you that there are several modes of kissing – believe me. There are some certain places, where all the kissers of the globe just love to kiss. Yes, and the places are – firstly – the lower lip of the partner, secondly both of the eyes, thirdly, two cheeks – one follows another, fourthly his or her precious head, then the mouth of the person, next are the breasts, if the partner is a lady and lastly the both of the shoulder – one by one.

You can find various types of kisses. –

1.A man can forcefully (with proper love, care and respect) fix his lips upon a woman’s lips and keep that posture for a long while (this type of kiss have the power to let a woman feel absolutely pampered – by her desired man – the lover or the husband or a true lover – husband!).


2.A kiss seeker lady can approach her lips to her very own thirsty lover with a great passion and desire! Then the male kisser should touch the lower lips of the lady love with both of his own lips.

3.The passionate lady with both of her palms covers up the eyes of her lover. She closes her own eyes as well. Then she thrusts her own tongue into the mouth of her lover in a very passionate manner. Gradually she tries to move on her connected tongue with speed.

4.The man can stand up behind the lady love. Then he can raise her face high – to the sky by placing his hands beneath her chin and holding that very gently. After that he can take the lower lip of his lady into his mouth for biting and chewing it with proper care and so much of love.

5.The lady can bite the lower lip of the man to give him a lot of pleasure. The man can do the same with the upper lip of the lady for the same purpose.

6.The lady can hold the lovers lips and can pass her tongue over the lips, can bite them too.


7.Both of them can test the insides of their mouths.

8.Before the kiss exchange both of them can play with their lips also.

9.’She’ can expect an “awakening kiss” from ‘him’ in her deep sleep.

10.Some times ‘she’ can take ‘his’ lips and mouth into her mouth and can press them with her tongue with a great desire to increase the charm of love.

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