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No gold biscuits to MLAs; Karnataka speaker clarifies

After reports surfaced that Karnataka government was planning to give gold biscuits and silver plates to its MLAs and MLCs, the assembly speaker KB Koliwad said that there is no such plan. As per the reports, it was mentioned that the Karnataka government has issued a proposal worth Rs 26.87 crore to gift gold biscuits and silver plates to MLAs and MLCs. This was as part of the program to celebrate the 50 years of the Vidhan Sabha building. However, the assembly speaker has now clarified that there is no such plan. After the reports were published in the media, the proposal to gift gold biscuits to MLAs and MLCs was strongly criticized on social media. Many people said that people are dying due to potholes and the government is gifting gold biscuits to MLAs and MLCs.

However, as per the Karnataka assembly speaker, the reports were probably just speculations. The matter had also created a storm in the assembly. Responding to it, Koliwad said that there is no such plan to give gold or silver to MLAs. He said that he himself is surprised about how such news got into the media. However, he said that there is a different proposal worth Rs 26 crore and it has a list of 19 items. The same has been sent to the finance ministry for approval. Speaking about the development, former Karnataka Minister Nagraj Shetty said that the government should focus on the needs of the people first since it was elected for that job only.

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