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No repetition of Manipur, Goa in Meghalaya: CM

New Delhi, Oct 16 (IANS) With Assembly elections scheduled in Meghalaya nest year, Chief Minister Mukul Sangma on Monday said his state will not see a repetition of Manipur and Goa, states where the BJP assumed power this year.

“Politicians are lining up along with BJP because they think that maybe something which has happened in Manipur and Goa would be repeated there,” Sangma told reporters on the sidelines of an event here. “It is not going to happen in Meghalaya.”

When pointed out that the NEDA, a coalition of regional political parties of northeastern India and the BJP, was sounding confident of coming to power in Meghalaya, Sangma shot back: “What is NEDA? Northeast Democratic Alliance led by BJP. Now what is the agenda of BJP? BJP per se doesn’t have any agenda. BJP is only pursuing the agenda of RSS. So, therefore, my job is to tell the people that NEDA is an agent of RSS.”

Stating that the agenda of the RSS was to destroy the nation, he said that there can be no progress and prosperity when there was chaos with the environment vitiated and harmony and peace among people affected.

“So, you see the whole decline in growth. What is the reason? There are reasons. It is not just one reason. There are multiple reasons and this is one of the reasons,” he said.

Sangma also referred to the Meghalaya Assembly unanimously passing a resolution in June opposing the Centre’s notification banning the sale and purchase of cattle at animal markets for slaughter and demanding its withdrawal as it would “impact the economy of the state and the food habits of its people”.

Stating that there was no more space for markets in Meghalaya, he said that regulating markets was the job of the states.

“And as far as Meghalaya is concerned, it is also the job of the autonomous district councils,” he said.

“They are infringing upon the way of life and the culture of the people. So, what soft corner the people of Meghalaya will have for BJP?”

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