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No water for 20 days in Azampura, Hyderabad

Azampura, an old suburb in Hyderabad, has been facing an extreme water crisis for the past 20 days. Residents in Azampura have said that they have become dependent on their friends and relatives living on other parts of the city for water. The residents have already filed numerous complaints with the water supply department, but still there’s no proper response from government officials. The water crisis in Azampura has been persisting since many months. Even before the current extreme situation, water in the area was supplied only once in two days. As if this was not enough, water was supplied at odd hours, making it tough for residents to live a normal life.

Now, the taps have run completely dry, and it’s been nearly 20 days since the residents of Azampura are living in absolute misery. There are some bore wells in the area, but these too are of no use since they give out dirty, black water, which is not even suitable for washing hands. It also gives out a foul smell, making it completely useless for household use. Some residents claim that there’s deliberate discrimination against certain areas being done by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB). Residents pointed out that nearly 70% of the old suburbs in the city are facing the same type of extreme water shortage.

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