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Non Subsidy LPG cylinder is hiked by Rs. 86, thanks to International Trends

Today price of non-subsidy LPG cylinder hiked by Rs 86 and thanks to international trends.

After Prime Minister’s urge to leave subsidy on LPG cylinder to those people who can afford the non-subsidy LPG cylinder, most of the people left the subsidy on LPG.


Before the hike LPG was at Rs 651.50 per for 14.2-kg cylinder and now it has priced at Rs. 737.50 as per the state-owned oil companies.

Since October, 2016 the prices are on upside. As per an official statement LPG’s increased price are backed due to increase in global LPG product prices.

For Subsidy cylinder the rate will remain as Rs. 434.50.

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