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North Korea tests another missile

Amidst tensions prevailing in the Korean peninsula, North Korea conducted 2nd missile test in a week prompting South Korea to say that the test has dashed all the hopes for peace. According to the South Korean Military official, the missile is appeared to be an upgraded version with an extended range of N.Korea’s solid-fuel submarine-launched missile.

North Korea is not listening to any including that of it’s only ally China and said these missiles were tested to ensure that their nation’s safety is not compromised. The nation is working hard to achieve the range to hit the U.S mainland with nukes and though North Korea claims that they have reached that position, analysts say that the claims are a mere exaggerated one. 

According to the U.S. officials, the missile which was tested yesterday had a much lesser distance strike capability. 

South Korean foreign ministry said  “reckless and irresponsible actions throwing cold water over the hopes and desires of this new government and the international community for denuclearisation and peace on the Korean peninsula”.

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe noted the test as “a snub and a challenge to international efforts for a peaceful resolution”. The missile flew about 500 kms and landed outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone and no damage to ships or aircraft was reported.

“The flight range was 500km and South Korea & the United States are closely analysing additional information,” South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff said.


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