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Tuesday , 18 June 2019
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North Korea’s latest Missile Test amidst US-China talks

Amidst the upcoming talks between US and China with regards to North Korea’s unwarranted actions, the Kim Jong-Un led Government has actually tested a missile.

The missile unlike its predecessor is an advanced KN-15 medium-range missile which was fired using liquid fuel from a fixed location rather than a rocket launcher. While US official on condition of anonymity has informed that the launch was a failure, the South Korean military said the missile which was fired from land near the east coast city of Sinpo flew only about 60 kilometers (40 miles).

North Korea is pushing hard to have the Nuclear Tipped Missile in order to thwart the threat from the US and is suppose to be receiving indirect support from China.

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry called the North’s latest missile launch a “reckless provocation”  and also went on to said that it posed a threat to international peace, while Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said his country lodged a strong protest over the launch.

This has increased tension in the Asian region.

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