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Now problem solving with app

ZAGREB (Reuters) – A Croatian computer expert and entrepreneur Damir Sabol, had an idea when he was working out for his son’s homework.

Sabol said that it was quite difficult, all those multiplications additions, so I reckoned, so went on with software’s that are too intelligent, and cracked out with maths?'”
So they, made Photo Math, a free app that scans and solves equations, providing a step-by-step explanation. And the download was more than 11 million times since from 2012 October, and it was just on Thursday it was again updated to take it to high school level.

New version of the app is based on the same technology as an earlier app called PhotoPay that was introduced earlier at 2012 by Sabol’s company, with same name photopy.

That app by scanning household bills and paying them instantly facilitates to mobile banking. Sabol told Reuters in his sparsely decorated office in Zagreb, where a group of young software engineers jot down ideas and algorithms for this innovative app.

pdf417-barcode-scan-demo-app-18-b-512x250The PhotoMath averages about 1.5 million users every month and he had received good scores of response from students, parents — and even teachers.

Sabol told that he regretted making the app available for free.
They are looking for ways to be commercial as possible ,” as per sources.

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