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Thursday , 17 January 2019
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Now, safety is just a touch away

Finally, a one-touch life-saving service to keep Delhi-NCR safe
This unique offering provides 24x7x365 emergency response assistancein the Delhi-NCR region
New Delhi, March 31, 2014A first of its kind GPS-enabled first-response service, One Touch Emergency Response (OTER), has been launched in Delhi – NCR by ASAS Security Solutions Pvt Ltd. Emergencies that can take place at anytime, anywhere can be dealt with by the system that is activated by a single push-button alert activated through a One Touch Device, One Touch App and a One Touch phone call. It is backed by trained rescue teams stationed across Delhi-NCR.
One Touch Emergency Response uses globally-tested technology, procedures and systems. While the Command and Control Centre provides immediate on call response, the First-Response teams are able to provide physical assistance by your side within 5 to 20 minutes of an alert being triggered. This swiftness is based on the use of GPS-enabledlocation-tracking services and its specially designed and trained 24×7 command and control  center.
ArvindKhanna, Director, ASAS Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd, said,“Often people don’t recognize potentially dangerous situations, women don’t recognize early on when they are being stalked. Drivers don’t know when things are building up to an act of road rage. Situations can swiftly get out of control. This 24x7x365 emergency response assistance will act as your constant companion. While our trained Emergency Helpdesk operators will constantly be in touch with you on the phone, our responder teams will be with you at the click of a button, anytime and anywhere across Delhi-NCR. With this service citizens will feel safe at all times. As responsible guardians, we owe it to our families; we need the peace of mind to be able to focus on our work.”
The first-response teamsare trained in first aid, evacuation, unarmed combat and situation management in case of a fire, accident or any emergencies of a similar nature. They are trained to call for emergency medical support systems, collaborate with the police, and generally provide assistance.OTER provides quick response during life-threatening and othersituations such as medical emergencies, accidents,imminent threat of physical attack due to stalking, road rage,fire, etc. 
This service can be availed of through a One Touch call, One Touch app and One Touch device at an introductory price of Rs.250 per month, not including the price of the device. .
Notes to Editor
About ASAS Security Solutions Pvt Ltd
ASAS Security Solutions Private Limited, headquartered in New Delhi, has a management team with a combined experience of over 50 years in homeland security, emergency operations, call centre/ response facilities, business management and communication in India and abroad. Its  Command and Control Staff and First Responders are a group of trained and motivated young people, who are eager to help people in their hour of need. The company uses globally-tested and proven Israeli technology, procedures and systems in assuring timely response to people in emergency situations. ASAS has a strong management team comprising professionals and experts from India and Israel in the field of security, operations and loss prevention
The company’s strong research and development capabilities combined with globally tested and proven technology enhance their abilities and response skills in emergency situations.
About One Touch Command & Control Center (C3)
The C3 is the nerve of the One Touch Emergency Response Service. Accessible 24×7, 365 days, the C3 will be the first point of contact in any distress or emergency situation upon activating the SOS alert. Trained and experienced in handling emergency situations and following emergency protocols designed by our team of experts in emergency management, the C3 will serve as the user’s own personal emergency help-desk. It will coordinate with the First Response Teams, law & order agencies, state emergency services, medical services and ensuring that the user’s family member or loved one is immediately informed of the situation.
About One Touch First Response Teams
The One Touch First Response Team (FRT) consists of two personnel who are professionally trained in first aid, evacuation, fire safety and protocol, coordination & situation management and unarmed combat by an Israeli technician . Upon receiving the SOS alert via the One Touch Response Call through C3, App or Device, the closest FRT will accept the signal and immediately dispatch to the location. Upon arriving at the scene they will first assess the situation and subsequently initiate steps to ensure your safety and security. The One Touch FRTs will be the one point contact, on location!
For further details please contact:
Ph No: +91 9999360343
Eisha Sharma
Ph No: +91 9810306894

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