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Nritya Abhinaya on Janmasthami by Padma Bhushan Dr Uma Sharma

Padma Bhushan Dr Uma Sharma presented a programme of NRITYA-ABHINAYA (Kathak) to celebrate Janamashtmi with her disciples of the renowned Bhartiya Sangeet Sadan (Uma Sharma School of Dance and Music) on Monday 3rd September, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the India International Centre, Main Auditorium, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi. More than 500 people gathered to enjoy the evening. 
The programme featured her “ABHINAYA” on Radhe – Govind with her disciples, which was a unique dance form that included the traditional Raas of Brindaban with classical Kathak. 
The items presented to celebrate Krishna Janmasthami based on the Leelas of Krishna such as the Kalia Mardan Leela by the disciples of Dr. Uma Sharma, the story of Krishna going in to a pond to retrieve his ball and finding the serpant Kalia there decided to punish him for wanting to kill his village people. 
To satisfy and pacify the gopies Krishna started the Maharaas dance which is a spiritual experience. With his supreme powers he multiplied his form so that each gopi felt that Krishna was at her side and dancing with her alone. 
The Krishna dances with the milkmaid by Brindaban “Brindaban Kunjan Racho Raas Aali – Aali Ban Mali, Nirtat Sab Sakhi De Taali” by Dr. Uma Sharma’s senior disciple Radhika Shah.
Uma Sharma presented the Abhinaya based on Meera Bhajan  “Vaari – Vaari Shyam Hoon Vaari” and a bhajan based on the poem written by Surdas which also shows Makhan Chori Leela

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