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Nutrition Myths Busted

Eat Junk food & just burn it off:
It’s not that simple. The quality of what you eat matters—a lot. And the damage from
unhealthy food simply can’t be undone with a tough workout.Trying to compensate for poor diet choices with exercise is actually a double whammy: Physical activity puts stress on the body, and without adequate nutrition to recover from the wear and tear, you can become weaker rather than stronger. A balanced, whole foods diet is important for everyone. And if you’re regularly active, it’s even more important, not less.

Intake much protein:
Most of my clients are concerned about overdoing it on carbs. But the truth is you can eat too much of any macronutrient, including protein. The protein you eat maintains, heals, and repairs tissues in the body made from this building block. But you only need so much protein to accomplish these tasks. When you exceed the amount, the surplus protein can either prevent weight loss, or cause weight gain.

Eat after your exercise:
Nope, the calories you consume post-exercise aren’t immediately shuttled back into your fat cells. In fact, it’s important to eat after a sweat session.For the best results, choose post-exercise foods that deliver vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, lean protein, and healthy fat, like a salad topped with salmon or beans and avocado; or a protein smoothie with veggies, fruit, and almond butter.

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