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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Obama believes he could’ve won US election against Trump

download-6Outgoing US President Barrack Obama believes that he could have easily won the recently concluded Presidential election against Donald Trump if he were eligible to run.


He made these comments in an interview with his former advisor David Axelrod. He said that he believed the people of America are majorly progressive and felt that he would have been able to win a majority of the electoral votes had he been in the running to serve as the President. He said that he could have easily managed to convince people to coalesce around him as even the people who disagreed with him, would agree with his vision and the direction for the country.

Obama said that the younger generations of America is much more smarter, proactive, creative, tolerant, innovative, entrepreneurial than the previous generations and they do not believe in discriminating against someone on the basis of their sexual orientation.

He said that he does not believe that the election represents a sea of change or is a vote against the establishment as the majority vote did go to Hillary Clinton.

President Donald Trump immediately fired off replies to Obama through his Twitter account saying that there was no way Obama could win against him. He also pointed out to the jobs America lost, the problems faced due to ISIS and Obamacare.

Obama has an approval rating of 55%, while Trump has an approval rating of 43%.

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