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Obamacare policy ends resulting 23 million people losing health insurance

Yesterday, an independent congressional agency told by 2016 about 23 million people would misplace health insurance under Obamacare cancellation and a new policy to be in place under American Health Care Act. Also, Central debit would drop by $119 billion during 2017 and 2026 under the American Health Care Act bill.

American Health Care Act new bill got sanctioned in May month by the Republican-dominated House of Representatives.

Also, it is said that U.S. Senate will also see completions and it is lettering its individual healthcare bill and Senate does not appear to take much of the House type as the amendment made will result into huge coverage damages. The new bill will discourage unhealthy people to buy health insurance. After the reports by CBO, many republican politicians denied supporting the bill.
A Republican senator mentioned that he is in support of canceling the Obamacare but, not also in favor of supporting the amendment made in American Health Care Act with such results. The Donald Trump administration already proposed a federal budget for amended health care bill.

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