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Office who killed black motorist Castile will receive $48,500

A Minnesota police officer who was acquitted in last year’s fatal shooting of black motorist Philando Castile will receive $48,500 as he leaves the suburban police department that employed him at the time of the killing, according to a separation agreement.

Yanez shot Castile, a 32-year-old elementary school cafeteria worker, several times during a traffic stop after Castile told the officer he was armed. Castile had a permit for his gun. The shooting gained widespread attention after Castile’s girlfriend, who was in the car along with her 4-year-old daughter, livestreamed its gruesome aftermath on Facebook.

As per the reports, Jeronimo Yanez will be paid the money in a lump sum, applicable deductions and withholdings for state and federal taxes. Under the five-page agreement released through a public records request, the Minneapolis suburb of St. Anthony also will pay Yanez for up to 600 hours of accrued and unused personal leave pay. The agreement, which has Monday’s date, doesn’t say how much time he has accrued.

Under the agreement, the city is released from lawsuits by Yanez. He was given 10 days to consider and sign the agreement and has 15 days to rescind it in writing. The agreement noted the official “date of separation” as June 30.

Yanez, 29 and Latino, was acquitted of manslaughter and other charges in June.

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