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On GST road, there’s no checking India

While several states have been proactive in removing check posts voluntarily, many other states will remove checkposts for commercial taxes after GST kicks in.

On Wednesday, the Bihar cabinet decided to stop checking of vehicles by commercial taxes department at six integrated border check posts.

Madhya Pradesh too will do away with them.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has announced in the assembly that check posts will have no place in the GST regime but he did not specify the date.

UP was among the first ones dismantle its check posts in August 2008.

While Bengal did so three years ago and Gujarat two years ago.

“Check- posts will not go away per se. Rather, checking of vehicles by only commercial taxes department officials would be stopped in adherence to rollout of GST,” said a Bihar government officer.

Officers said that discussions have focused on merging several of the 20 checks that authorities from the states and the Centre conduct.

But the complicated rules and a strong lobby from the states has meant that the reform initiative has had to be postponed although GST is ready to be rolled out from Friday.

While state commercial tax department’s check posts will go away, local bodies will still need trucks and commercial vehicles to stop and pay taxes, such as the ones erected by the three municipal corporations of Delhi.



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