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One Rupee Emergency Clinics To Come Up At 5 Metro Stations In Mumbai

Medical facilities that will charge patients Re 1 will come up at five Central Railway (CR) stations in about two months.

The railways will provide space for free of cost and clinic has agreed to give treatment for Ruppee 1. 

Apart from providing medical emergency help to railway accident victims in the golden hour, the clinic will have MBBS doctors 24×7 for patients with routine illness. 

There will also be visiting doctors including skin specialists, diabetes and gynaecologist.

A labs conducts test at discount and pharmacists sells medicines at discounted price.

A senior CR official said, “Emergency Medical Rooms (EMRs) with one-rupee clinic will come up at Kurla, Ghatkopar, Mulund, Wadala and Dadar. They will be established at 15 more stations depending on when the first set is ready, expectedly in a couple of months.”

Confirming the move, an official from Mumbai Metro One said, “Magicdil had approach us to open its clinics to serve passengers in case of emergency. After going through their proposal, we accepted their offer and the process to provide them premises at these five stations has started.”

“We will provide 150 sq/ft area at each station,” he said.

Very recently, the same facility started at Vashi station.

Dr Ghule said, his firm has provided medical assistance to 12,555 patients at all the five CR stations so far.

The decision to set up EMRs came after a Bombay High Court order.

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