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One should take care according to the change in weather

Weather change, do we need to change with this change. The reality is that people with the vulnerable immune system or less immunity get attacked by bacteria, which becomes prominent during seasonal transition.

Cold / Hot weather:

During the shift to the cold season, people tend to involve in more indoor activities. In this situation, the probability of spreading germs is much, as they are not exposed to much fresh air. Being enclosed within walls of a home is considered as the right activity in the season by many, wanting the warmth.

More outdoor activities mean more contact with external elements, and therefore, more chances for allergies to flare. One of most affecting external elements is pollen within the air, which aggravates respiratory problems or causes other health complications like asthma. Dehydration, headaches and heat stroke are some other prominent conditions faced due to this reason, which are blamed on changing the state of the weather.

Prevention during weather change:

Boosting immunity during the weather changes is the way to cope with possible health complications. Apt nutrition, physical exercises and hygiene should also be strictly adhered to. Moreover, intake of nutritional elements such as vitamin C, Zinc helps in fighting infectious symptoms.

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