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Online learning platforms Revolutionizing Offline Private Tutoring Industry in India

Not everyone is comfortable sitting in the class of many and study. Some students find it extremely difficult to raise a query in the class which results in unattended doubts and diminution in their morale. Learning platfomrs are far more effective method of learning for most of the students, it gives more space and confidence to grow at your own pace. 

People at large have also started recognising the importance and role online learning platforms can play in transforming a student’s life. But again, the major problem for tutors remain to find students and for students to find the best suited tutor according to their preferences. 

Here comes the role of websites offering online learning solutions. They serve as a link between students and teachers. 

Hence we would like to explore story on the topic : How Online learning platforms are Revolutionizing Offline Private Tutoring Industry in India

Mr. Varun Saxena, Founder, Career Anna – Online learning platforms would like to shed light on the below pointers

  • How is online learning platforms more beneficial than offline tutions
  • How is technology effecting the education system?
  • Tips to choose online courses for a better career
  • How are online learning platforms helping student in remote area?
  • Future of online learning platforms in education sectors
  • Scope of online learning platforms in India?

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