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Monday , 27 May 2019
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Online Shopping, A Hit Among Gen X


New Delhi, 5 September – It’s a well-known fact that senior citizens have characteristically been slow to use new technologies. But fresh trends show that they are among the fastest-growing demographics online. This Grandparents Day, we tried to dig deep in their changing behaviour towards the shopping scenario and comprehended that older generation isn’t as averse to online buying as most tend to think. As per the statistics given by, India’s largest online home store, people aged 55 and above contribute to 10.3% of their orders. Interestingly, according to Comscore, only 3% of the total internet users fall in this age group. The males dominate this category with 65% contribution in sales, while in other groups it is more or less equally distributed. The revenue generated from this age group is a whopping 11.5%, and the most popular category purchased is furniture (42%). This highlights how beneficial online furniture shopping has been to them.

FB-post_recliner-collageThe web often viewed as a realm of young generation is now catering to the needs of the golden oldens. Where most service providers might not be ready for these tech savvy seniors, surely is prepared. is working in the direction of making the lives of grandparents a tad bit smooth. There are products like recliners, back and neck kneading massagers, foot massager to give them rest, specks holders, arm rest organizer to solve their unifying needs, foot stools and cushions to make them more comfortable.

So with them advancing towards the online shopping market, the company is all set to come up with an even more extensive range of products and services that can be customized according to their needs and comfort.

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