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Only Advocates-on-Record can request early hearing of cases: SC

New Delhi, Sep 20 (IANS) The Supreme Court on Wednesday said that only Advocates-on-Record (AoRs) will be allowed to make mentioning of the matters for an early hearing or listing, thereby excluding the senior lawyers from mentioning the matters for an urgent hearing or listing.

At the start of the day, Chief Justice Dipak Misra stopped a senior counsel from making a mentioning, saying that only an Advocates-on-Record would be permitted to make such a mentioning.

“Only AoRs will be allowed to mention the matters,” Chief Justice Misra said.

The decision to allow only the AoRs to make mentioning seems to be rooted in an objection raised on Tuesday by a lawyer P.V. Dinesh, who took exception to senior lawyers making out-of-turn mentioning of the matters for early hearing or listing.

He had drawn the attention of the bench headed by Chief Justice Misra to the junior lawyers standing in the queue waiting for their turn to come.

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