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Thursday , 23 May 2019
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Operation Dryways: Rampant Bootlegging on highways despite Supreme Court verdict

Operation Dryways:

Around 100 metres from National Highway – 2, a shipping container is seen lying on a large open ground and itcanbe turned into a makeshift liquor outlet in Haryana’s Palwal District.

This makeshift liquor outlet is only a few minutes from the nearest Police Post.

On April 5, the operator of this shop at Softa Village pulled out a beer bottle from fridge and then branded whisky from inside a carton.

“It is a Supreme Court order but it is the job of the excise inspector to enforce it. What can we do ?” said head constable Kushal Kumar when being asked the question why illegal liquor stores are operating in his jurisdiction.

At Ballabgarh’s Sikri Chowk on the same NH-2 , two shops were found of selling India made foreign liquor, just 50 metres away from the Highway.

Black Marketing of Alcohol appears to betaking place as rampantly as it is used to be prior to the levying of the liquor ban along various highways. The system of printed price is not applicable. The shops are opened throught the day and price become higher in the night stated Pankaj bansal, owner of Atithi Restaurant on Ballabgarh’s  JCB Chowk.

The same situation has been seen on NH – 58 , between Delhi and Muzaffarnagar in UttarPradesh.

The team has investigated in Mumbai as well.


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