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Opposition Parties create ruckus in U.P. Assembly

The U.P. Assembly which began yesterday had some unpleasant events with sound of a whistle and uninterrupted slogan-shouting raised by the members of the opposition party which continued through the 35-minute customary address by the Governor. This however did not prove to be a deterrent to the 83-year-old Governor who stood his ground and read out the 84-page speech in full.

The Samajwadi Party, Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party members raised slogans against the government over law and order problems, including cow vigilantism. This is also seen as the opposition party’s intolerance on BJP assuming power in the state under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath after 15 years.

A BSP placard read “Police pit rahi thano mein, Yogi tere zamane mein” (police getting beaten up under Yogi’s rule), “goraksha ke naam par gundai band karo” (stop hooliganism in the name of cow protection)”.

 Congress joined the opposition with slogans  — “Kanoon vyastha dhwasth hai, sarkar bucharkhane, teen talaq me vyast hai” (law and order is in a shambles as government is busy with slaughter houses and triple talaq).

Governor was protected from the paper balls being thrown at him from across the assembly by the marshalls who fielded hem successfully with the help of cardboard. Governor uttered “Sara Uttar Pradesh dekh raha hai aap ko (the entire Uttar Pradesh is watching you).”

CM Yogi Adityanath was present in the assembly during the Governor’s address. For the first time ever, the proceedings of U.P. Legislature was telecast LIVE by Doordarshan and it left a bad image among the pubic and the voters of the unruly behaviour by the assembly members.

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