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Opposition to move 2 motions against Sushma in the RS

The opposition parties are expected to move two privilege motions against External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in Rajya Sabha today. These will be on two issues – misinformation on PM Narendra Modi’s Lahore visit and Bandung Conference.
Congress leader Anand Sharma questioned Prime Minister Modi’s foreign policy and asked the Centre its road map on dealing with Pakistan. He also demanded the minutes of the meeting and the need for Modi’s visit when the two nations are already having not so good diplomatic relations.
“You were going to Afghanistan and got down at Lahore mid-way; till date the PM hasn’t told the nation what talks took place. On one hand, you get miffed and cancel talks after Pakistan invites separatists on a tea party, and on the other hand, you make a dramatic visit breaching all protocols,” Sharma said.
PM Modi landed in Lahore surprisingly in December 2015 where he met the then PM of Pakistan,  Nawaz Sharif on his way back home after a day-long trip today to Afghanistan where he went after concluding a two-day visit to Russia. Since the details were not made public, it was not sure as to what exactly was discussed and the need for the meet. Sharif has been ousted as PM after Panama Paker leaks suggested he and his family has stashed thousands of crores in tax havens.

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