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Orange Festival Of Music and Adventure is Back!

India’s first festival of Music and Adventure – Orange Festival of Music & Adventure, Dambuk is back in 2018 from 15th to 18th December 2018
All India, 13th December 2018: The first-of-its-kind Orange festival of Adventure and Music is back with a BANG!! This year the OFAM, its popular name, will be hosted in the serene village of Dambuk in the naturally beautiful state of Arunachal Pradesh. Dambuk is a pristine village, inhabited mostly by the brave and ferocious ADI tribe, located in the breath-taking Lower Dibang valley from the 15th-18th of December. 
The OFAM in its 5th year now, has seen a steady rise in its fanfare among many a music and adventure enthusiasts as it promises many memorable experiences. To begin with, it is the very first orange fruit themed festival in the country. Secondly, for adventure enthusiasts, the national institute of mountaineering and allied sports (NIMAS), a Ministry of Defense run institute, has been roped in for pumping up the festival goers adrenaline. So there are sports on offer like white water rafting, dirt cycling, Para sailing, para motoring, trail running along with other adventure activities like ATV rides, speed boat rides, Elephant rides and yes even scuba diving folks!!
OFAM combines Music, Adventure and culture in a unique way. For the music lovers attending the festival, OFAM offers music by artists who come from all over the globe. Festival goers can look forward to bands from Sweden, Germany, India, USA and Nepal belting their favourite tracks. To give you a quick idea of the musicians who are playing this year, the list goes as, Thundermother from Sweden, IRON Maidens and Blue Grass Journey from USA, Lydie Hendrikje from Germany, Bipul Chetri and the travelling band, Kathmandu killers, The Reasonabilists, Fiddler’s Green, Thanu, Bombay Basement, The Vinyl Records, Suraj Mani, Trance Effect, Tarik Many Roots Ensemble, Ladies compartment, Atingkok, This Chord, The Royals Flush, Sacred Secrecy, Yesterdrive, Yugo, David Angu and the band, Ramya Pothuri, Aditi Ramesh, Sapta, Valeri D’Silva, Ararifah, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. The OFAM has a brilliant history of hosting legendary musicians in just the 4 years of its conception. Legends like Uday Benegal, world renowned guitarists Yngwie Malmsteen and Rithcie Kotzen, Grammy award winners like Lama Tashi & Joseph Arthur, Scott Moses Murray, Antione, Lou Majaw and Ganesh Talkies have graced the OFAM in the past.
Dambuk itself is a very interesting and pristine village to visit. Dambuk is derived from the local words – MIDAM (Meaning generous people) and AUK (Meaning new place of habitat). It’s home to an intriguing tribe of people called the Adi tribe. Known for their ferocity and bravery, this tribe has made its home in a village which is flanked by the beautiful rainforests which you would come to expect from the gorgeous state of Arunachal Pradesh. The village settlement lies on the banks of the mighty Dibung river and the well known giant called the Brahmaputra is just across the hills. The locals traverse across the Dibung river on ferries, country boats and even elephants!!! With so much pristine natural beauty around you, you surely will fall in love with this place. 
So, if you are looking to spend quality time away from the hustle-bustle of the city and revitalise yourself in company of nature, pack your bags and make it to the OFAM. You will enjoy this one of a kind orange themed festival with super fun activities and amazingly good music with 30000 locals in this other worldly locale of the North-east. With OFAM now making its way to the state run events calendar, local authorities too are keen to welcome you. Come along on the 15th and experience this festival for yourself, for it surely is one to miss!!
People who are interested to be a part of the festival, can buy tickets by visiting 

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