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Over 1.8 Million Consumer Record Searches Done At Libraries in 2017

AtoZdatabases announced today that in the past twelve months library patrons across the United States have performed over 1.8 million searches, viewing more than 47 million records in their consumer database alone. AtoZdatabases is the leading provider of reference and marketing databases for libraries, academic institutions and government agencies. 

“The response of library patrons and usage of the AtoZdatabases.complatform continues to exceed our expectations. The numbers speak volumes,” General Sales Manager, Shawn Fahey said. “This database is a vital resource to all kinds of people and communities across the country.” 

Users of the 220 Million Consumer database can:

  • Create highly targeted marketing lists 
  • Find Household Income and Home Value
  • Map based searches

The information they generate can then be downloaded or emailed for use in mailing campaigns, creating presentations and more. 

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