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Over 2 lakh litres of oil spilt in Canada, wasted

About 2,00,000 litres of crude oil was spilt in the First Nation Land of Saskatchewan in Canada. The oil pipeline was has been shut down for now and a full scale investigation has been ordered by the Canadian authorities. The cause of spill and the inability of the authorities to contain it are still not clear. The spill cover more than a 20 metre radius.

The event was tried to be hushed up by the authorities, but it was finally discovered as an oil spill finally seeps into the fauna and flora of the region it surrounds and usually takes a few months to clean up. The harmful effects and the legal litigations that follow it take a few years to complete.

The authorities have said that over 1,70,000 litres of oil has been recovered and none of the oil has entered any water body or waterway, thus reducing the risk of drinking water contamination or any threats to marine life. The impact on air quality and wildlife has also been said to be negligible. Oil was removed from the surface using vaccum trucks, but the exact source of the leak will be found once the excavation is complete.

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