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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Over 20,000 Indians to come back from Saudi Arabia under forgiveness scheme

More than 20,000 Indian workers will be coming back to India from Saudi Arabia under 90 day forgiveness period which has been approved by kingdom’s government.

These thousands of Indian workers traveled unlawfully in the Saudi Arabia and some of them stayed more than the visa duration. Most of the workers belong to Southern India

Mr. Anil Nautiyal, Counsellor at the Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia said that about 20321 Indians submitted their application under the forgiveness scheme of the kingdom’s government. 

Most of the workers who had applied under the scheme belong to Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.

According to the Anil Nautiyal, Saudi Arabian government had arranged special Centre in Riyadh for Indians who wish to leave the country and Indian embassy had charmed to all Indians who are staying in Saudi Arabia unlawfully to come ahead and take the advantage of the forgiveness scheme.

Bulk applications were received from blue collar workers, earlier in 2013 also the same kind of scheme was offered by the government and at this time number of applicants are less than 2103 forgiveness period.

He also added that Saudi bureaucrats are providing passes that are one-way travel papers the establishment issues to Indians for returning back their country in the nonappearance of passports and exit visas free of cost to the applicants. The applicants need to pay flight price.

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