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Sunday , 18 August 2019
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Over 50 people injured in Barcelona train accident

Train travel is considered amongst the safest modes of travel, but sometimes accidents do happen. In one such incident, a train crashed at a station in Barcelona, Spain, injuring more than 50 people. The train accident occurred at Francia station during the morning rush hour when the station was teeming with people. The station is located in the city center. According to initial reports, it has been found that there was some problem with the train’s brake system, due to which it was not able to apply the brakes fully. As a result, when it reached Francia station, the train continued on its path and hit the buffers installed at the platform. This resulted in the train stopping dead in its tracks, which created a huge jolt, causing passengers to topple inside the train.

Rescue and relief operations were started immediately and many of the injured were treated on the platform itself. The ones who were critically wounded have been admitted in hospital. Among the critically wounded is the driver of the train, who has also gone into a deep shock due to the incident. Passengers who were inside the train said that when the train hit the buffers, it was like being hit by an earthquake. “People were swaying back and forth and colliding into each other. Many people fell to the ground because people were standing up and I saw several people with cuts to the head and face from the blows they suffered when they fell,” said one of the passengers.

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