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PAC won’t summon PM Modi on Demonetization

ModiThe Public Accounts Committee of Parliament (PAC) today decided not to summon PM Modi over the demonetization issue. A few days ago PAC Chairman K V Thomas said that Prime Minister may also be called before it over the demonetization issue. This led to a strong objection by the BJP members. PAC today clarified the doubts regarding this issue and said that PM will not be asked to appear before it.

The PAC released a press report stating that “Ministers shall not be called before the Committee either to give evidence or consultation in connection with the examination of estimates of accounts. However, Chairperson, when considered necessary but after its deliberations are concluded, may have an informal interaction with the Minister.”

BJP members Nishikant Dubey had written to Lok Sabha Speaker regarding the statement by K V Thomas and called the issue as unethical.

The PAC statement also mentioned that Minister cannot be called in for evidence or hearing however officials may be called to give evidence.

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