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Pakistan govt. asked to declare Kanishka Stupa as 8th wonder

Amjad Hussain, a renowned U.S.-based historian and scholar has requested the Pakistan government to declare the ancient Buddhist monument Kanishka Stupa near Peshawar as the 8th wonder of the world. Hussain has asked the Pakistan government to take help from UNESCO in this regard.


He said that the monument should be given the 8th wonder tag because of its remarkable construction structure, its mention in various history books, and its testament to the creativity and hard work of human beings. Apart from demanding a World Heritage Site status for the Kanishka Stupa, he has also requested help from Japan and China to acquire the site. Hussain was born in Peshawar and has published a wide variety of books about the city, covering its history, culture, religion, and linguistic and cultural legacy.

The Kanishka Stupa is located just a few furlongs outside the Peshawar city. It was built in 1st century AD during the reign of Kushan Kanishka. Detailed descriptions about the monument can be found in the writings of many Chinese pilgrims and Hiuen Tsang, who visited the site during his travels from 620—645 AD. The monument was quite huge, as big as a present-day 13 story building.

Hussain pointed out that during an excavation in 1909, Buddha’s bone fragments and ashes were found inside the monument, kept in a relic casket in gilt bronze. This is another reason why the monument should be declared as the 8th wonder, he said.

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