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Pakistani Christians under the control of terrorists

PAKISTAN-RELIGION-BLASPHEMY-ISLAM-CHRISTIANViolence against Christians and Hindus in Pakistan is rarely investigated. Women are considered to have a very low status in Pakistan, but women of the Christian community are said to be the lowest of these. They are said to be treated very shabbily and any crime committed against them is said to be ignored or neglected by the authorities in Pakistan.

Many Muslim youth of Pakistan believe and openly preach that Christian women are meant only for pleasuring Muslim men. Many of them believe that it is their right to rape the infidel women. Majority of Pakistani Muslims do not consider molesting or sexually exploting Christian women to be a crime, it is believed to be their birth right.

Islam has a concept of Ghanima, which is the spoils of war, .i.e. property acquired by force. This does not just include movable and immovable priperty, but also includes slaves and people that they get. Muslim men have been practicing this even in Western Europe.

Over 700 women are forced into Islamic marraiges every year through force in order to satisfy terrorists.

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