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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Pakistan’s military releases video, blaming India for terrorism

Today a video released by Pakistan’s military, in which Liaquat Ali blamed that Afghan and Indian intelligence agencies provided funds and other help to Pakistani Taliban fighters to combat Islamabad.

Liaquat Ali is also recognized as Ehsanullah Ehsan, earlier he was a senior commander for the Pakistani Taliban, and after some time, he was associated with Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Taliban breakaway party.

Afghanistan intensely disproved the blame. Kabul and New Delhi have indicted Pakistan of devising terror outbreaks on their territory.

After the news that he has surrendered, he blamed India’s intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing and Afghanistan’s NDS gave wide assistance to the Pakistani Taliban.

A senior Afghan security official said that Pakistan has always been insisting stories of being a victim of violence while the fact Pakistan patrons and supports terrorist doings in Afghanistan and India. At present Pakistan is under huge force from the global community to clamp down on radicals so it is trying to avoid accountability by playing victim once again.

Media could not access to Ehsanullah Ehsan to confirm his claims, he made in the video.

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