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Monday , 22 July 2019
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Palmer Administration Offers Crazy Car Warranty Savings This March

Palmer Administration has been providing car owners with savings on extended warranties for over 30 years, and 2018 is no exception. The beginning of March means that consumers are looking for all types of deals and Palmer Administration does not disappoint. The industry leader offers different plans that cater to various car owner requirements from the client who just wants standard coverage to the one looking for a comprehensive package for a new vehicle. This year, Palmer Adminstration makes March madness with crazy car warranty savings, not to mention it eliminates the stress of claiming benefits.

Plans for All Budgets

Car owners can save money this spring by finding packages that are tailored specifically to their needs, meaning they don’t have to splurge on expensive policies that they are not likely to use. The basic extended warranty plan is the lowest and is tailored for engine protection. It is for the car owner who does not want to spend too much on an extended warranty but still requires protection for the most critical component of the vehicle- the engine. Palmer’s highest plan is the Elite Exclusionary, and it is so comprehensive that it lists the parts that the warranty does not cover, such as tear and basic wear items, rather than the ones it does. With the variety of options available, a car owner can get an extended warranty within his or her budget.

Free Financing

The flexible financing offered to customers is another way to save money this spring. Not every driver is capable of paying the total cost of an extended warranty plan at once. The free financing that Palmer Administration provides allows customers to capitalize on low rates that save money compared to if they had to deal with other financiers.

Uncomplicated Claim Process

Most automotive owners are wary of extended warranties because of the run-around that some providers are known for when it comes to paying out claims. Palmer Administration sets itself apart in the industry as a reputable warranty provider because it pays out claims easily. A driver only has to get his or her mechanic to call the company to inform an agent of the necessary repairs, and the payment is made by check or credit card. This straightforward process will not only save time but money as well because a car owner will not have to go from one office to another to chase payment.

Palmer Adminstration makes March madness with crazy car warranty savings this year with a host of plans that are bundled with benefits like unlimited claims, emergency roadside assistance, and national coverage and continue to strive with their top ratings and reviews about their extended service contracts. 

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