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Monday , 27 May 2019
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Parenting – The Right Way?

There has always been a social debate among scholars of sociology about the right kind of parenting technique to be employed by the parents to bring about the optimum development of the children and their transition to adulthood.

Different Parenting Techniques

Roughly three kinds of parenting styles have been identified over the ages. Again the parenting styles vary from parent to parent and from society to society depending on cultural background of the parents.

  • The Authoritarian Technique

Here, the parents employ an authoritarian and strict approach, where the child is considered to be confused and the parents are demanding but not responsive towards the child. The children are expected to follow a strict set of rules and be obedient.

Usually punitive measures are applied to keep the children in line. No matter what, the strict rules must be adhered to. The kids brought up in this kind of parenting style tend to be shy and fearful with low self esteem. This kind of parenting style is seen more in the low income strata of the society and was more prevalent in the last century.

  • The Authoritative Technique

This is the most widely accepted and effective mode of parenting styles which is generally considered to be the more preferred technique, where the parents have high expectations from their children and pressure them to excel. The parents are demanding but responsive. But they are very supportive and understanding of the needs of the child as well.

This style fosters a healthy relation between the parent and child. There are certain strict rules which are laid down and the reasons are explained for these rules. This brings out the best in the children. This type of parenting is most likely to be found in middle class homes where the parents are educated and income inequality exists, where emphasis is laid on hard work. 

  • Permissive Technique

This style is more or less an indulgent type of parenting which is potentially harmful for the child. These parents are responsive but not demanding. The parents are seen as lenient and nurturing but don’t set any rules for the children to follow and are scared of confrontation. This leads the children to grow up having little self control and clashing with authority. 

This style exists more in economies where there is very little income inequality like the Scandinavian countries.

  • Negligent Parenting

This is the most harmful parenting type as this is characterized by a lack of effort on the part of the parents to properly nurture the child. This type is marked by the absence of one or both parents over a long period of time and provide the basic needs of the child and not much else. This style of parenting is more prevalent in the low income group of the society.

There has always been differing viewpoints regarding the right kind of parenting technique to be employed and different things work for each parent. It all depends on the cultural, religious and other socio economic factors. The values and ethics of the parents are thus more culturally embedded, which they pass on to their children.

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