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Parikkar annouces air-conditioned jackets for soldiers

Indian soldiers who were fighting in higher altitudes face extreme cold but on the other hand, those who are in terrain and desert have to sweat it a lot. They now have a reason to rejoice since the former defence minister of India Manohar Parikkar who is currently the Chief Minister of Goa has announced air conditioned jackets to be given to the soldiers of the Special Forces. 

“In a Special Forces operation, there is extensive exercise. Body heats up, he (soldier) is very uncomfortable. At that time if he has an air conditioned jacket, he is more comfortable. Trial is on,” Parrikar said adding further speaking about the Light Combat Aircraft(LCA) Tejas mentioning” It (Tejas) was completed some 5-6 years (ago) but the government was not inducting it. Minor issues were there. I consecutively conducted 18 meetings and saw to it that it is inducted in the Air Force. Now there are three planes and one new aircraft is getting added up every one or two months,” Parrikar replied to a question regarding Indian capabilities at manufacturing world class war equipment. 

However the indigenous built aircraft owing to its light weight would be able to carry a pay load of just 3,500kgs, he noted but has got the best capabilities in its class compared to any other aircraft in the world in that segment.

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