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Sunday , 18 August 2019
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Passengers travel standing on Pakistan Airlines flight

Anything can happen in Pakistan, a saying that came true when seven passengers travelled standing inside a Pakistan International Airlines flight, all the way from Karachi to Madina. This is a serious breach of aviation rules, as standing passengers inside a plane can easily topple over due to turbulence. Further, in case of an emergency such people will not have access to oxygen masks and standing in the aisle can create a stampede. This is among the most bizarre cases to be reported in recent times, and yet the PIA management took the matter quite lightly.

Now that the matter has been reported by the media, officials have started the process of investigations. The PIA flight PK-743 is a Boeing 777, which can carry 409 passengers. However, PIA carried 416 passengers from Karachi to Madina. It has been reported that the extra passengers were given handwritten boarding passes instead of the computer generated passes. The list of passengers provided to cabin crew did not mention the names of extra standing passengers. The incident may also be terrifying from a security perspective, since there have been so many terror attacks in Pakistan in recent times.

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