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Paul Ryan re-elected as speaker of the US House of Representatives

04ryan-master768Republican Congressman from Wisconsin Paul Ryan has been re-elected as the speaker of the Unoted States House of Representatives. Paul Ryan was expected to return as the Speaker of the House despite his initial opposition and eventual neutral position on Donal Trump’s Presidency.

This will be a unique situation for the Republicans as they now have a Republican in the White House, the Republicans control the Senate and the US House of Representatives. The Republicans are believed to be on course to reverse many of outgoing President Obama’s policies like Obamacare and his positions on immigration and illegal aliens.

President Trump was believed to be very upset with Mr. Ryan as he gave almost no support to his Presidential campaign. Paul Ryan was quick to get together with Trump as many in the Republican party now know that it was Trump’s appeal that let them retain control of the US Senate and the House of Representatives. President Trump was instrumental in letting the Republicans win Senate seats that looked difficult to win.

There have been some conservative pockets of the party who have gone against the policies of Paul Ryan and after Trump’s victory, it was believed that Trump supports these groups. One thing is for sure, the Democrats are sure to have a tough time getting anything passed or blocked.

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