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Perpetuuiti Opens New R&D Center in Chennai, Focuses on Artificial Intelligence

The new facility will be instrumental in launching its new products in the area of artificial intelligence.

PUNE, India – June 102015 

Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft Inc., a leading Business Service Continuity and Availability Management solutions provider, today unveiled its new R&D center in Chennai, giving a major boost to its research and development activities. The new lab will help Perpetuuiti in its innovation efforts, launching products in the emerging area of Artificial Intelligence, apart from its thrust on Business Service Continuity and Availability Management and Recovery Assurance products.

The new facility will play a critical role in developing competitive products for the global marketplace, creating innovative technology solutions that are well aligned with the various advancements happening in the area of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

Mr Rohil Sharma, CEO, Perpetuuiti, says, As the industry increasingly focuses on emerging new technologies in the area of artificial intelligence, Perpetuuiti will ensure that it continuously innovates to create best-in-class products to meet the evolving needs of customers. Considering the fast pace at which technology is evolving today, it has become extremely critical for product companies to adapt to new business and technological changes that are happening around us. We believe our focus on R&D will give us a competitive edge and help us become innovation leaders in the Service Availability Management space.”

The expanded R&D centre will not just facilitate the development of Perpetuuiti’s new products, but will also provide value-added solutions to existing and potential customers. Of the products which are in pipeline, the first release is scheduled for iSAM (Intelligent Service Availability Management), a comprehensive platform for artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

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