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Petabyte-scale ETERNUS LT260 Tape Library Combines Exceptionally High Data Capacity with Performance and Security

Bangalore, June 29, 2014 – Fujitsu today extends by a further 350 percent the capacity of its petabyte-scale expandable edition of the ETERNUS LT tape library, and adds additional security enhancements. First launched in November 2014, the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS LT260 combines the flexible scalability and excellent automated and remote management capabilities that mid-sized companies and large data centers need for highly efficient handling of fast-growing backup and archive volumes. This also makes it the first choice as a storage backend solution to Fujitsu’s ETERNUS CS8000 Unified Data Protection Appliance.

Tape continues to provide the industry’s best economics for long-term data retention and archiving, and in line with Fujitsu’s vision of providing customers with business-centric data center technologies, the ETERNUS LT260 tape library is designed to provide additional backup and archiving headroom for organizations using LTO tape-based automation to retain their information. Customers also have the added peace-of-mind that a single key management system can be deployed to manage their encryption keys for the various devices in their data center, as the ETERNUS LT260 now also supports the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standard for exchanging encryption keys over the network. Normally requiring a separate license fee, Fujitsu is including this free of charge until the end of 2015.1

To provide additional investment protection, the scale-out design of the ETERNUS LT260 enables the addition of up to six expansion modules to easily expand the system’s capacity and performance. The ETERNUS tape library now offers a maximum compressed data capacity of 3.5 Petabyte and can boost the performance to backup and archive up to 60TB of data in one hour. The partitioning feature allows the ETERNUS LT260 to be split into several independent libraries serving different application environments in parallel, without investing in an additional tape library solution. All this scalability comes without any hidden activation costs or need for more floor space.

Pricing and availability

The Fujitsu ETERNUS LT260 tape library is globally available. Pricing varies according to region and system configuration.

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