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Petrol prices hiked: Daily travellers request for reconsideration

The petrol prices were hiked yesterday by 7-8 paise per litre and diesel rate increased by 10-11 paise per litre in the four major cities, as part of the daily revision exercise, as a result of which the fuel rates are at an all-time high since August 2014.

The daily travellers, all over the nation, have criticised the government, while also requesting them to reconsider the dynamic surge in pricing.

A working Saurav Banerjee from Kolkata said that in the last six months it was still manageable.

Another office going citizen said the decision was “unacceptable.”

A taxi driver in Mumbai said that the petrol price is rising day by day.

“It decreases by Re. 1 when it has to, but is increased by Rs. 10 now. What will we do in such situations.? Should we live or we die?” he retorted.

A citizen from Patna said that the price hike is affecting everything around.

A middle-class man working in Hyderabad said that as a common man, they are working hard, roaming around the city and bringing some amount home.

“But the petrol prices are increasing day by day. My request to the government is to please remove the taxes,” said the common man.

According to Indian Oil Corporation, effective 6 a.m. on September 12, customers are shelling out Rs. 70.38 for a litre of petrol in Delhi, Rs. 73.12 in Kolkata, Rs. 79.48 in Mumbai and Rs. 72.95 in Chennai.

Diesel is being retailed at Rs. 58.72 per litre, Rs. 61.37 per litre, Rs. 62.37 per litre and Rs. 61.84 per litre respectively.

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