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Phillip Lahm Retires


German Legendary footballer Philipp Lahm retired from football yesterday. Under his captaincy, Germany had won the World Cup in 2014. He was playing for Bayern Munich and has won 8 Bundesliga Titles apart from 1 Champions League Title.

Lahm who is 33 has retired without being sent off from the field ever thereby joiing the likes of Gary Linekar, Michael Platini of yesteryear and Andres Iniesta,Karim Benzema and Joa Moutinho among the current stars and is also considered one of the greatest defenders in football history.

Lahm has so far made 517 appearances for Bayern and 113 for Germany without every being sent off, be it for a red card or two yellows.


Lahm was instrumental in winning the 214 World Cup for Germany and has never lost his cool while in the filed. He will be joined by Spanish footballer Xabi Alonso who is also retiring from Bayern. He was also the part of World Cup winning side when Spain had won it in 2010. He was sent off from the field once while representing Bayern.

Both these players had scripted many victories for Bayern and their retirement has sent the football fans into a utter state of shock though the news has been coming for a while.

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