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Plantation Drive conducted to check the dangerous pollution levels

Bangalore, 12th July 2018: Under the pretext of a clean and green tomorrow, Bangalore City needs to undertake a slew of environment supportive measures. One such way is to plant more trees and save cutting of existing trees. Weatherseal, a leading uPVC door and window brand of Southern India joined hands with Bangalore based NGO Eco Watch to conduct plantation drives in Bangalore City round the year. The Green Drive was held at Tilpat Valley in Madiwala BTM lake garden, which saw enthusiastic participation by the locals and students on the world pollution day.
“As per the record, 14% school going children are suffering from the adverse effects of air pollution. This has lead to a decrease in the quality of life and sustainable living. It’s our moral duty to create green infrastructure and eco-friendly housing solutions in order to promote healthily Environment”, – avers Mr.Ullas Kumar, Founder, EcoWatch,
Weatherseal manufactures uPVC windows and doors, which is an alternative to wooden doors systems has saved cutting of 20,000 trees last year. Mr. Harish Munireddy, Founder, and CEO,
Weatherseal says,” At Weatherseal, we believe in eco-friendly living along with saving the environment. Hence, the planting of saplings is a small initiative to further encourage people to restore the greenery around them, thus reviving their Garden City back to life”.
The recent green drive is just the beginning, the brand would undertake a slew of the environment-friendly measures throughout the year.
To envisage this menacing problem, its high time each individual realizes their social responsibility and do their bit to help the city ailing from pollution.

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