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Plastic Rice & Plastic Sugar rumour plagues Social Media

Just a couple of days back, the rumours started spreading in the social media that plastic rice were being sold prompting the Telangana Government to issue a statement stating these rumours were baseless, it is plastic sugar which emerged yesterday.

Earlier, plastic rice were claimed to be sold by China for the past 10 years and it was tested in Kerala by burning the rice samples which proved that it did not consist of plastic, polymer or polyvinyl. The Telangana Civil Supplies department has also tested the samples and found no plastic traces in the rice.

Scientists believe that manufacturing plastic rice is not as easy as one may think. Telangana Government said that the civil supplies officials were put on high alert and raids were conducted in suspicious godowns but no plastic rice were found or being confiscated. After samples were collected from few godowns, they were teted for Physical Analysis and D-Husk.

“Rice from the complainant and normal rice were cooked at the same time and the result was the same in both cases.  Rice from the complainant and the rice mill from where the rice was supplied to the dealer were not plastic rice, Mr Anand, Commissioner of civil supplies said.

Before this could settle down, rumours of plastic sugar being sold in Hassan(Karnataka) emerged on the social media. Earlier, it was rumoured to be sold in Bengaluru. This spread like wildfire on the social media driving people crazy though it defied the logic since producing plastic sugar and plastic rice would be an expensive affair. 

It is to be noted here that it all started with the circulation of Plastic Egg few weeks back.

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