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PM Modi becomes the most popular world leader on social media

After US President Barack Obama ends his term on Friday, PM Narendra Modi will become the most followed world leader on Twitter. PM Modi has around 26.5 million followers on Twitter whereas Barack Obama has nearly 3 times more at around 81 million followers. Barack Obama certainly leads in the number of followers, but after he vacates his official post today, PM Modi will step in to claim the title of the most followed world leader on social media.


PM Modi is ahead of the next American President, Donald Trump, who has 20.5 million followers on Twitter. The other world leaders in this list are Dalai Lama with 13.1 million followers and the Pope with 12.5 million followers.

PM Modi has even more followers on his Facebook page at 39.2 million. His Instagram and YouTube accounts have 5.8 million and 5.9 million followers respectively. With PM Modi reaching the top spot on Friday, it assumes significance since social media has become an effective tool for world leaders to reach out and communicate directly with the masses.

However, it is also interesting to note that political leaders are not the most followed, and rather it’s the entertainers who are the most followed people in the world. For example, the top three slots are held by Katy Perry with 95.3 million followers, Justin Bieber with 91.2 million followers and Taylor Swift with 83.1 million followers.

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