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Points To Remember on Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

Our aged parents often rely on their saved income from their work over the years so as to maintain good health. However, with age comes frailty and illness, especially in today’s times where the quality is comprised in everything we eat and in the very air we breathe. For the senior citizens, hence, keeping illness at bay becomes almost unavoidable. The hospital charges that keeps on accruing in a rapid manner might drain all the savings you have strived to preserve for years. In this regard, it is a matter of utmost financial prudence to have a senior citizen health insurance policy. If you go in search for a senior citizen medical insurance you will be dazzled by a large number of options to choose from. Instead of making it easier, so many options will only confound you from picking the best one.

Also, there are certain points to keep into consideration to get hold of the best senior citizen health insurance policy.

Age Limit

Age plays a crucial role in selecting senior citizen health insurance policy. Most of the insurance companies offer a health insurance policy even for the people in the age group of 60-80 years. If your closed one is above 80 or is expected to go beyond healthily even beyond 90, there would be no point of such an insurance cover. The thing to keep in mind here is that one should go for an insurance cover which gives the longest time frame to its benefactors.

So the first filter for you would be to go for the insurance which offers better age flexibility than its competitors.

Amount Insured

How much the insurance will be covering also plays a key role in determining the best health insurance policy for senior citizens. Based on your own financial position, go for the maximum that you can avail. This is because, with increasing age, the chances of falling ill keeps soaring and the threat of serious health conditions might also prevail. The cost incurred in getting the treatment can destabilize your financial condition completely. Therefore, it is more prudent to choose the option where you get maximum cover even if the premiums are on a bit higher end.

Illness Coverage

What types of illness the health insurance covers is important to know before applying for any policy. There is no use in applying for a health insurance cover which keeps out any of the expected illness to be had on a senior citizen. Try opting for an insurance policy which provides coverage for most of the illness, especially, the ones which are hereditary in your family history. A word to word reading of the terms and conditions can help you clear out the doubts about what illnesses the policy covers and what it does not.

Premium Rates

With a bigger insurance cover, you will also have to pay a higher amount of premiums. The rates of premium vary from one insurance provider to another. The family history, health reports and general lifestyle of the policy beneficiary also play a role in determining the premiums to be paid. Your benefit is in finding an insurance policy which offers maximum coverage with the most competitive premium rates. This can only come about with a good time spent on comparing different senior citizen health insurance policy plans.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

The chances of developing certain illness in the coming future can be assessed through the presence of pre-existing medical conditions. The insurance companies have certain clauses where they lay the rule of waiting time before which you cannot claim the insurance cover for the illness. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyse the situation of the illness and take the insurance cover based on that. Also, going for the policy where the waiting time is less would be considered as an ideal choice.

Co-pay Clause

A Co-pay clause refers to an agreement in the health insurance policy where the policyholder has to pay a certain amount of expenses incurred in paying the medical bills. The rest of the amount is paid by the insurance company. It is important to keep into consideration what this ratio of payment would be. Try to opt for the one where if you will have to pay, you will pay the least.

Large Hospital Network

A senior citizen health insurance policy should also come with the facility of availing treatment in a network of hospitals which are widespread in your city and one of which is near to your residence. This factor plays a crucial role as in the case of an emergency. It will be easier to shift the patient to the hospital as quickly as possible. Any best senior citizen health insurance cover will include the best hospitals which are accessible to you.

All these factors will assist you in picking the best senior citizen health insurance policy. Doing some research and comparing different health insurance policies will help you to get the best deal.


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