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Police launch twitter handle for traffic updates

Chennai traffic police launched twitter handle for traffic updates on June 11. 

The handle has already attracted 657 followers, with the tech team uploading at least 25 screen shots of the congested spots in the city.

A police officer said  “A dark red line running through the signal shows the most congested spots, the orange line a little less congestion, blue and light blue line show the least congested stretches.”

The traffic police gives live updates through tweets about more congested areas.

“We are getting positive feedback from many road users and we are promoting the twitter handle through our Chennai city traffic police facebook page,” said the officer.

A dedicated IT team comprising an inspector, a sub-inspector and three other personnel, working round the clock in shifts, updates the details once every 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

So far police have made 120 tweets.

Twitter handle (@CC_TrafficAlert).



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