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Polymeric tooth implant restores young cricketers smile

With the advancements in the treatment method for tooth loss, dental implants have gone through constant evolution. With better design and bone grafting methods, hardly anybody needs to be refused for a dental implant.

“A young cricketer (age 23 years old) suddenly found two of his upper front teeth knocked out of a bouncer. His spirits nosedived when the team dentist advised him for a partial denture, which he denied and opt for better solution. With some reference when he visited us, we told him not to worry and with such advancements in the field of dental science, dental implants are possible, which feels like natural. Using the highly specialized procedures his jawbone was completely restored allowing a better and firms hold on the implant. A white polymeric implant commonly known as ‘biopic’ was fused with his jawbone and he now enjoys a natural tooth like brilliance. ” said Dr. S P Aggarwal Director Green Park Dental – New Delhi

“Upon visiting many dentists, most of them suggested for a permanent dental bridge, but that required grinding the adjoining teeth which could possibly weaken them. So I went for a second opinion. The implant surgery was much less difficult than I thought it would be. At first, I was very afraid, but in fact, it was simpler than a root canal or a tooth extraction surgery. Now after six months of dental implants I feel like its awesome! Like a miracle, a complete changeover. I no longer feel the tooth loss, and can smile and chew with ease, and be my normal self.” Said the patient

A tooth loss may have a sequence of grim consequences, as the jawbone suffers and becomes more vulnerable and starts to deteriorate. The remaining teeth begin to shift in an attempt to fill the newly created space caused by the tooth loss. Normal chewing becomes difficult and the victim may suffer a sore jaw and unexplained headaches. As more teeth are lost, the remaining teeth must work harder. This extra burden accelerates their decay and demise.

Millions of people fail to safeguard their teeth from a multitude of conditions and suffer tooth loss, irrespective of age and gender. Apart from accidental, there are several other reasons for tooth loss including certain diseases and genetic defects that contributes to a fairly high numbers. Prevention is the best step, consult dentist on a regular basis and maintain proper oral hygiene for a prolonged life of natural teeth.

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