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Poor safety of government website leads 13 Crore Aadhaar Seeped

Government website enabled the leakage of 13 Crore Aadhaar cards because of the poor security. The data which is supposed to ensure safe and remain private, have been exposed in public zone in past few months.

In case the Aadhaar is revealed, this will lead to financial fraud incidents, it is illegal offense too.

Centre for Internet & Society, a non-profit research organization told that publically appearance of such private data is because of poor security procedures of those websites which belong to the Government’s rural development ministry and Andhra Pradesh’s state government.

On the website of NSAP, it was found easy nip which provides contact of 94 lakh Aadhaar card receivers and somewhere around 15 lakh post office accounts connected to it. Moreover, the bank details are revealed. In this website around 1.59 Crore, Aadhar cards detail revealed.

In Andhra Pradesh government website Aadhaar card and Chandranna Bima Scheme are published. The detail belongs 3 crore Aadhar numbers. 

Recently the data leaks and the data is published on the website, the report says among four websites three have disguised or detached the data which they had published.

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