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Pope urges influential people to act modestly – TED talks

On Tuesday, Pope Francis appeared surprisingly at a TED talk conference and he was urging influential leaders to act modestly. He said that he expected technical invention will not make people last. It was 18-minute audiovisual which was recorded in Vatican City and it was broadcasted to the viewers at the annual TED 2017 conference in Vancouver city.

Pope said in the audiovisual that powerful people have a broad impact on people with their actions and therefore powerful are more accountable. Powerful people should act modestly. When powerful people do not be humble, then they ruin themselves and other people as well.

He also said that culture of waste should be terminated as it did not only affect food but also people cast separately by fiscal schemes.

TED talks have achieved fame as it has been viewed more than 4.6 billion times since 2006. Many known and famous personalities have become part of TED talk. In coming week Elon Musk will be one of the speakers.


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